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My Approach

I have a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) in good standing with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).

I have completed intensive training through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professions  to become a Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist (CMAT) including a specialization in Sex Addiction (CSAT), Internet and Gaming Disorder, and Financial Disorders (problematic patterns of behaviour around money) and a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist (CPTT).


I have completed an intensive three-year program to become a Somatic Experiencing™ practitioner through Somatic Experiencing International and believe that a somatic (body); bottom-up approach combined with a cognitive top-down approach can address a multitude of traumas experienced over a lifetime.


If you prefer a cognitively-focused approach, I was trained by Candice Monson, the author of Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, an evidence-based therapeutic modality for individuals designed to reduce the severity and experience of PTSD symptoms and Cognitive Behavioural Conjoint Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder for couples (and/or dyads) which is evidence-based to improve the symptoms of trauma/PTSD and enhancing relationship intimacy and functioning.

Prolonged Exposure (PE) is an evidence-based emotional processing therapy that supports an individual to significantly reduce the intensity of their PTSD symptoms. 

I am trained in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and cognitive behaviour therapy with mindfulness (CBTm), and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) which I use extensively to support individuals to develop and improve their ability to tolerate distress, challenge unhelpful and self-critical beliefs, and improve their ability to emotionally regulate, and their overall interpersonal effectiveness. 

 I am a 20-year veteran of the Canadian Navy, a recipient of a Canadian Decoration and a General Campaign Star for a deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan as part of Operation ATHENA. I have worked extensively with Public Safety Personnel (First Responders and front line workers) to achieve and sustain recovery from trauma/PTSD, operational stress injuries, trauma from sexual misconduct, and moral distress and injury. 

I am client-centred, trauma-informed, and adopt an approach that keeps you, the client, in the driver's seat to direct your own therapy. 


Plum Blossoms are a symbol of perseverance and hope; a flower that blooms in winter as the first sign of approaching spring. I see plum blossoms as a symbol of what's possible in post-traumatic growth and want to work with you to move from surviving to hope on your journey of healing, recovery, and connecting you with your potential to live the life you deserve.

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